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Great! Welcome. You're in the right place.

Feel free to watch the inspirational video of some of our client’s successes. We celebrate our clients. They've shifted into success, elevated their mindsets, stepped up into leadership, started to heal their money stories, opened up to their intuition, living their happy lives, and created prosperous coaching businesses that they LOVE, plus so much more.

How Can Mimi Quick Help Me?

Mimi Quick coaches, teaches, and mentors you on immediately to:

ALIGN ~ Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually & financially

Prosperous Mindset

An aligned mindset is always key in any success, transformation, desire, and goal. If your mindset is not aligned to your goals and desires in business and life you risk staying stuck, going around in circles, never reaching your goals and feeling frazzled and unhappy. Schedule a 1-1 call with Mimi Quick today to look in this area and see how Mimi Quick can help you in a private Mindset Assessment and Private Coaching Program to align your mindset to the success you desire at this time in life and business.


If you are having blocks and issues around money then you’re in need of a Money Lift our monthly membership program OR Create a new relationship with The Quick Money Shift Program & Letting go to Make Money Flow Program. As you begin to dissolve hidden subconscious beliefs, cycles, & inner and outer programming you’ll be able to reach your next new money level and beyond. If you’re ready for private customized coaching with Mimi Quick then schedule a clarity call today to find out more!


There are many moving parts to ALIGN in your business inside and out. Mimi Quick teaches you and walks you through every part of business in the Align to Prosper Business Program (offered in a 3 month Live Group Coaching Program led by Mimi Quick). You’ll create a strong foundation both inside and outside you mindset, your actions, marketing, your plan, the right business model for you, ideal clients + attraction, heart based sales, branding and more. All of this alignment is needed to enjoy a 6 figure and 7 figure business.


Your business relationships matter as do your personal relationships – when you start or grow a business you may be faced with challenging situations that you must address immediately in the best way before it gets out of hand. What do you do? Most people freeze up. Stay stuck and don’t know where to turn but using positive programming we’re able to see great results even after just one session. Our clients tell us that they have taken our suggestions and have seen a world of difference in their relationships, they feel calmer, happier, and receive prosperous results. We have a Relationships Course 101 to start with or if private coaching is open you’ll be able to apply for a customized coaching program with Mimi Quick.

Leadership Coaching & Training

Why step up into leadership? Becoming a leader in your life and business is all about understanding who you are, why you are here, and your life path. People can get stuck here and it can take months and years to get unstuck from the confusion. I believe that there are skills and teachings that you may need to learn to reach the next level, laser focus, accountability, and true support to the next level is necessary for anyone to grow into a leader and become good at what they do. Clearing out blocks to visibility, leadership issues, confidence, speaking up, and so much more. If you’re stuck please get support schedule a call asap.


Connect, Learn & Trust your own intuition, insights, and learn how to access your intuition. Learn to strengthen your UNIQUE God given gifts and step forward with your service in the world in the Powerful Intuition Program that helps you A-Z develop your intuition, learn how to use it, strengthen it and more! This is a Private Customized Program for Private Clients and there is a Self Study Intuition Course for those who would like that option. Mimi Quick is a powerful intuitive who uses her gift to help people align and clear out any blocks that may be in their way. Mimi worked on cold cases with detectives. She had her gift since she was 3. Mimi’s helped thousands of people in business and life with her insights.


For many of you, your body will respond with dis-ease when there is time for a change, when you’re not living your souls purpose,  are in emotional and abusive situations with your own self or others, yet you’re staying stuck, knowingly in it, or unknowingly. Once you shift out the old you’ll emerge into new and better you. Whatever that looks like for you. Mimi Quick has healed herself in the 1990s and amazed doctors, friends, and family by using the power of her subconscious mind and positive programming teachings from her mentor. Schedule a 1-1 consultation to discuss what is happening right now and how you can apply positive programming technique and private coaching with Mimi Quick to assist you during this time.


Sales is one of the most feared words from entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and professionals. Mimi Quick shares her teachings, methods, and ways to shift your subconscious mind from fear into success in this area. Mimi believes that you can start to communicate & offer your services with heart, confidence, and service rather than fear, guilt, or shyness. There is a way to do this that resonates for you & your clients. Sales is all about service. If you’re not aligned to it on the 5 levels Mimi teaches, you’re leaving money on the table. Schedule a 1-1 consultation today to see how Mimi Quick can help you in a customized to you private program.

For over 20 years I've  inspired, Empowered, trained , coached, and  mentored Women (&men) to Align & prosper in ALL AREAS OF BUSINESS ANd Life.


What do Mimi Quick’s clients Say?

Where other methods and trainings have failed, Mimi's trainings, coaching, processes, and Methodologies have succeeded. She just doesn't talk about transformation, she's done it, teaches it,and she lives it everyday. Dianne D.

Hi there, It's Mimi Quick here and I just want to say welcome, nothing brings me more joy than to see people empowered especially a woman so she can do her work in the world, whatever that is. Mine is to empower you to reach your desired result. Get the job, Create the business, clear out blocks, help you create a prosperously aligned business and life… lift the energy around you, teach you how to be an amazing coach and even heighten your spiritual gifts as you step into leadership.

I pride myself on being able to help my clients in all of the areas of life and business successfully.

We take clients from idea to creation of their business to aligning everything they need to have their first awesome clients with confidence!

We empower you to get on your right path in life, manifest your ideal job, get that promotion, have happy relationships and more.

We also have programs and tons of ways for you to learn in these different journeys. Most people come to me for success coaching, empowering mindset, business alignment & clearing money blocks. However we do not stop there - business coaching, branding, coaching development and spiritual development is all here for you too!

I have created a one stop shop for all of your transformational needs.

I’ve created many programs over the years and methods that have helped many people all over the world cut their learning curves, prosper beyond what they thought was possible and so much more!

Let me just share some truth with you. The universe responds to what you are thinking and feeling. Your actions MUST be in alignment in the direction of the success that you desire so that you can reach your goals and manifest your desired success, you are definately in the right place!

Our private and group clients value their time and energy as well as ours. They have a passion for their gift and are highly intelligent. They want a mentor and coach who can help them shift now into their desired path, release obstacles; not years from now. If you are ready To Expand Your Prosperity Consciousness.

Welcome again we’re glad you’re here.

It's time to Defy All Obstacles, Have a Big Money Shift, and Align to Prosper in Your Business. These are all books I have written.

With over 20 years experience, I've created over 100 programs, 15 books, facilitated over 33,000 sessions, 550 workshops online and in person to empower female entrepreneurs, business owners, and professional women just like you to PROSPER….and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

If you're not getting the results that you desire; You're blocked And it's time for a Shift.... so you can:

  • Share your gifts with the world

  • Clear Money Blocks

  • Release Stuck Thinking

  • Open up to More Joy

  • Feel good

  • Attract your Ideal clients

  • Open up & use your intuitive gifts

  • Move into your new next money levels

  • Align your business quickly

  • Plus so much more!

Get the training and insight that you need In your life and business to start to feel confident, have more sales, improve your coaching, leadership & communication skills. Ready? Book a complimentary new client clarity call today.

You are in good hands. The Mimi Quick ALIGN To PROSPER Method & Coaching is a step by step system that has helped thousands of people around the world. Mimi helps you align to (your desired success & prosperity) every time!

  Book a Clarity Call and discuss your specific situation with Mimi Quick and from there she will be able to share how she can help you and in what capacity private program or group or a specific specialized program just for you.

Mimi Quick specializes in empowering you to ALIGN & PROSPER in life and business by clearing out blocks . She helps you ALIGN to your ideal life purpose, marketing, business, packages, processes, programs, and over all ideal business and life. Are you ready for ultimate Clarity and powerful Direction in life and business? I hope you said yes!

Schedule a private LET’s TALK connection call today, Mimi would love to meet you and mentor you on your journey.  Set up your LET’s Talk appointment here. Click here.


And if you'd like to pick up one of Mimi Quick’s books please go to amazon #1 Best Selling books on they have helped women feel free to prosper! 

Click on the image to go to Amazon and pick up the book!  Enjoy this powerful book that has helped many women in many parts of the world!

Click on the image to go to Amazon and pick up the book!

Enjoy this powerful book that has helped many women in many parts of the world!


20 years of spiritual development, coaching development, and leadership development I am happy to say that our track record of happy clients is still at it's all time high! Satisfied with results in courses, coaching, training and 1-1 work. I would not have it any other way. You’re important to us and you know it once you step into coaching with me, Mimi Quick. I love what I do and it shows.