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Wednesday, OCT 25th

We have two AWESOME ways for you to continue the money journey..

Here's a testimonial from Kristin who traveled the money journey with us.. There are more below..

Kristin Jones

Kristin Jones

When I started this money course, I felt like I was at the end of my rope. I felt hopeless, desperate, and I had $2.61 in my bank account. I had money owed to me, but for some reason, money wasn't coming in, and it hadn't been coming in for over 6 weeks. After I started the: Quick Money Shift Course, I realized a huge issue in my life: money wasn't safe in my life. I was afraid of it, I spent it as soon as I got it, and there was never enough of it. Mimi helped me go through my story and begin to shift it. Now I focus on my new money story, on prosperity, on gratitude. My invoices are now current, I haven't had any surprise bills, and I feel like my future and its possibilities have really opened up. I can't wait to see what's in store for me!




Option 1

self study The Quick Money Shift 5 Week Program 

Walk step by step into creating a powerful new money story!

  • I will walk you through your fears.
  • How to spot red flags.
  • Find our what money story you're currently living.
  • Create a new money story.
  • Shift from lack into abundance thinking and more. 

You can start immediately once you make your full payment of $397


Click this link to enroll in the SELF STUDY PROGRAM


Option 2

"BEST OPTION" "BEST VALUE" is 8 Week Group Coaching Program with Mimi Quick

  • 8 Powerful WEEKLY Mimi Quick Money Teachings in SBI SCHOOL
  • 8 Powerful Weekly GROUP Coaching with Q.A. LIVE *(get coached personally by Mimi in the group)
  • 8 Powerful Weekly Money clearings (these will be specific to the group)
  • 8 Powerful Weekly Money assignments with Feedback from Mimi *(these assignments are in the SBI School)
  • 8 Powerful Weekly FACEBOOK LIVES for more Coaching & teachings
  • FB GROUP with daily interaction 
  • PDFs
  • Checklists
  • Specific Affirmations created just for you.

You have a massive opportunity to come join a group and transform your relationship with money into the next levels for 8 powerful WEEKS That's 60 Days, that's 2 months!

  • You'll clear out any hidden blocks
  • You'll realign to money.
  • You'll open up money channels.
  • You'll energetically open up space for money to flow through.
  • You'll pluck out limiting cycles and barriers so you can GROW
  • You'll have Quick Inspirational and Motivational FB LIVES almost every day to keep your energy up!
  • You'll begin to allow more abundance and prosperity to flow as you do the assignments.
  • You'll shift your money mindset to one that fits your desired money state.


Click this link, save your space, and enroll in the 8 Week Money GROUP Coaching Program

Imagine all of your shifts around money and stepping into the NEW Year with a NEW money consciousness that is NOT limiting you but ELEVATING you into the next levels with grace, joy, and divine ease. 

Is it worth it? Yes, every penny, my clients would tell you. The investment that you make will be with you forever. The learning will never go away and this is not some fluke you are reading this right now.

Somewhere somehow you have been searching.

I want to tell you to stop the search you've found your mentor.

It's time to step up and grow in this area. If that is what you really want.

This is your next best step at this time.

My clients know this and that is why they sign up for the group programs that I do..because they see the value, they know that they shift, learn, grow, transform and expand their consciousness. Plain and simple they see results.

 The coaching you'll receive here with me, Mimi Quick, you'll find nowhere else, it is customized to the group, never cookie cutter, because I have created a special way to do this, with over my 20 years in leadership coaching, spirituality, business, money, and healing methods that I have created myself to help my clients.

In my proven systems and methods clients have seen amazing results as we slip into the subconscious mind helping you shift quickly.

Get the 8 Week customized group coaching, That's 60 DAYS! 

8 Powerful Assignment to help you shift, pull up the money beliefs, move your energy , and more.

FACEBOOK LIVES almost everyday to keep your energy up.
Customized for the group Clearings
Customized for the Group Process work
Customized for the group Meditations
Mimi Quick's COACHING & Feedback on every assignment you turn in.
You'll get all the replays of the group coaching calls.

There is so much I've packed in here for you!

What is the investment? 

All for $997 paid in full 

SAVE $100 

= $897 Paid in full



Click on the words YES I'm IN and enroll now.


Let me shower you with Bonuses, ok?

BONUS #1:  As a bonus when you pay in full YOU'll GET THE 5 Week SELF STUDY PROGRAM AS MY BONUS GIFT TO YOU! *(value of $497) 

You have access to this as soon as you sign up. We will add you to this Program and you can dive in no problem. You may even want to do this over the weekend or every day until we start the group program. OR you may want to have it there as just your back up when we complete the * 8 week money GROUP coaching Program. Either way YOU WILL HAVE ACCESS to all of the trainings, the replays, and all of the assignments, meditations, etc. 


I am! I know you'll love to have this at your fingertips.


BONUS #2: A special 30 min PRIVATE ALIGNMENT Call *(297 value)

For the first 8 who step up and say YES to the 8 Week Money Program  

This is priceless. Because I will immediately work with you around your personal relationship with money and help with alignment, clearing, coaching you in the right direction for your desired good. Our clients LOVE their private 1-1 sessions and they tell us that they see results within 24 hours, and feel a mental shift or energy within when we get on the call. This is one of the most treasured ways to work with me and I have added it here to leave no stone un-turned, not allowing anything to stand in the way of an awesome success for you.


  • There's so much more you can learn.
  • There are  clearings specifically to help with the sweeping away the energetic debris.
  • There is mindset work and alignment to help you on your path.

If you're thinking about it.......


Let me ask you a question?

Did you do the 5 DAY MINI MONEY JOURNEY?

Did you get results?

How did you feel?


WHAT ELSE CAN YOU MANIFEST, SHIFT INTO, CHANGE, EMBRACE, OPEN UP if you had FULL 8 weeks that's 60 Days or 2 months of alignment, teachings, and coaching support?

Think about it.


Remember the shifts that you experienced were because of consistent re-alignment and focus on money mindset, energy, and more. That was delivered in the 5 DAY Mini Money Program CAN YOU IMAGINE 60 DAYS? WOOHOO We're going to have fun and RAISE THE ENERGY UP! 


Come join us!




OCTOBER 25th - DEC 13th


Read the Testimonials & what Clients have to say about Mimi's Money Programs and Private Coaching.

14724502_10155172704595400_599044197408049429_n Catarina Andrete.jpg


Attended ~ The Quick Money Shift 5 Week Group Program

Five minutes with Mimi is enough to completely shift your perspective on everything - your work, your bank account, and your life.

She is a master at helping you to go deep while keeping it light and playful, and you only start to realize how big the shifts are when everything around you starts to change for the better (and you've added 12K to your bank account overnight...

Thanks Mimi! <3 Catarina


As a mentor Mimi Quick is fearless..nothing you can flag up, when you're digging deep into your fears and blocks, phases her. She's seen it all before and not in a dismissive way that what you are experiencing is irrelevant, but in a supportive reassuring way.  She's been there and her experience is your guide and back up.

She's like your money safety net!

The group coaching calls are the cornerstone of making the shifts -by witnessing and celebrating each other's shifts we all came away from each call with exercises and ahas (even if those ahas had not even been our own)

"The Quick Money Shift" is a  gamechanger and Mimi is the ringleader and your cheerleader.


Thank you Mimi -what you taught me has become my 'financial thermometer'.

Natasha Smith



17990751_10154376544956957_2979887014686014868_n Natasha Louise.jpg

If I had to sum up The Quick Money Shift Course with Mimi Quick I would say that it was profoundly rewarding. 
As a creative entrepreneur I felt I had a few blocks with money and wanted to come on the course to identify what they were and to kick them to touch!

What I got was so much more....
I made connections from my past that were just waiting to be discovered. I addressed these, moved forward, secured a different mindset and removed all obstacles.
I identified a key challenge in my relationship with my partner and we were able to address this and move forward. Invaluable as if we had not of addressed this the relationship could well have been doomed. 
I used a variety of techniques to plan for the future. It was so much fun!

If you are wondering how this was achieved I can tell you now it was not through ‘woo woo’ techniques. Mimi is a skilled coach, her materials well planned & organised, her approach logical and her spiritual insight grounded and real. 

Mimi has an amazing energy and it was a pleasure to connect with her. I could not recommend her or her course any more highly. It has been an absolute pleasure.

Natasha Louise

Athena had Money Mindset Shifts and Started Receiving.














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Music & Entertainment folks

Real Estate Professionals




Business Owners


Fashion Industry Professionals


Marketing Experts

Social Media Experts

Sex, Love, and Relationship Coaches

Money Coaches

Prosperity Teachers


Business Managers 

Teachers, Professors

Branding Experts

And more!


Want to read a few more testimonials and shares About miimi?


Mimi has a way of simplifying the process of attracting abundance.

We hear all about these elaborate processes to attract moneythat take more time, money and effort while Mimi helps you shift your vibration in an instant. If you are looking for real “quick” results without years of meditation and soul searching Mimi is your woman. I appreciate Mimi being here and her presence in helping those that are ready to truly step up and out in this world.Michelle Hastie, Professional Weight Loss Speaker and Coach totalbodyhealthsolutions


WooHoo! It's going to be fun, buckle up are you ready to shift into greater prosperity, clear out money blocks, open up your money channels and GROW and Evolve your money mindset and energy? I hope you said yes because you are invited.

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FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME, I'd love to help you here with any questions!

EMAIL: www.clientcare@mimiquick.com and we will reach out to you asap.

SCHEDULE A QUICK CALL: We can also schedule a very quick call to help you decide which option is best for you at this time.


If you are serious you can also message me on Facebook and we can create time to answer your questions I do not want you to miss out on this.

You've come this far let's keep going on this money journey together.

Plus you'll be ready to step into the new year 2018 with a whole new up leveled money consciousness! 

See you soon!

Much Love, 

Mimi Quick


See you all next week!