The Prosperity Path

30 Day Program


You will get clear, align, and create your life and business prosperity path in 30 days!

(with 30 days of Prosperity Path Training and LIVE Group coaching from Mimi Quick)

YES! Are you in? Ready to step up into your prosperity?

You'll Align to Prosperity

You’ll begin to clear out your #1 “CURRENT” Prosperity Block on Your Prosperity Path in

Money, Business, Intuition, Skills/your gifts, Health and more.


Where will you be in 30 days in your life and business prosperity if you do this program?

Where will you be in 30 days in your life and business prosperity if you don’t do this?

I’m asking you to believe in yourself just enough to make a commitment to GROW into the prosperity that you desire. To say NO to the blocks that hold you back. To Shift the energy and mindset that is limiting you. To invest in developing your prosperity consciousness and growing yourself. This might feel like a stretch it always does! You’re not immune to growing and evolving all my students, clients, including myself do it, we all feel it. The only difference is that I teach to take aligned action with the right coach, mentor, and program. Here you get the training plus group coaching which makes all the difference because I can help you stay on track, course correct, and align every week. You’ll have access to me for 30 days in our school as you go through each day and implement, learn, do the step by step exercises and more. You won’t be alone on this journey I will be by your side to help you.

Watch the VIDEO & make a powerful decision for yourself.


30 Days together to create an aligned path to life and business prosperity.

You will have a lesson in our online school/classroom everyday for 30 days that will help you gain clarity, empower you, and give you insights.

By the end of Week 1 You’ll be clear about prosperity.

You look at your souls contract and divine work from an inner perspective.

You’ll create a prosperous vision for your life and business.

By the end of Week 2 You’ll have cleared out your #1 Prosperity Block in business, life, intuition,health and your gifts.

By the end of Week 3 You’ll be clear and feel good about your Life Alignment. Time to align your life in all areas - let’s get things moving in the right direction on your path to prosperity.

By the end of Week 4 You’ll be clear and feel good about your Business/Career Alignment.

There are many moving pieces to business and your career. Aligning these pieces in business will enable you to start on your prosperity path.

In every week you will go through exercises inner and outer to help you open up and align to your prosperity.

You’ll have weekly GROUP COACHING CALLS to support your learning and growth and elevate you. Plus so much more!

At the end of the 30 Days to Prosperity Intensive you will have a clarity and a whole new prosperity consciousness. with a prosperity map to help you on your prosperity path. YAY!! See you on the inside!


Equal alignment in these areas are what we're looking for. Take a quick test where are you currently in your prosperity alignment?

Mimi Quick's 5 Part Prosperity Model

Equally aligned. Where are you currently?

You have 2 Options the Bonuses & Special Pricing Disappear in 24 hours

Look at this as a loving nudge to get you moving into your prosperity path.

Remember if we don’t shift and change OR course correct we end up staying in the same place in life and business, if you’re stuck you know this to be true. What will you do to shift and change your prosperity path - your mindset and energy, if it is not this?

These 2 options are the BEST NEXT STEPS for you since you’ve seen what happens when you walk the prosperity walk, know where you are currently stuck, and have a desire to lift up and align to prosperity.

The Prosperity Path Group Program 30 day INTENSIVE

30 Days Training & Group coaching begins Feb. 25th - March 26th

Weekly Group Coaching Calls - Mondays at 2pm PT/5pm ET


Prosperity Path GROUP PROGRAM 30 DAYS!

((is a $1500 program you’ll receive a $500 SAVINGS))

The Prosperity Path GROUP Program 30 Day Intensive ***VIP*** Includes FOUR Private coaching calls (45 min) each week


Prosperity Path Private Intensive- includes the full 30 Days to prosperity and you get 4 Weekly 45 min. Soul Shift Prosperity Calls with Mimi Quick to shift fast!

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