Align to 2018 

New Year Training Starts 12/20 at 11am PT! You'll need to save a seat to join us LIVE & get LIVE Group Coaching from me! ************NOTE THIS IS A 3 PART PROGRAM******************

Woohoo! 2018 is almost here and many are happily accepting it's arrival others are hoping that its so much better than 2017 & many are saying AHHHHH another year is here already.

It's all good.. wherever you are and whatever you experienced you have the power to shift into what you desire and this is the perfect time to do so! 

I am going to walk you through some very cool processes that I have created and channeling on the spot so you can clear out 2017 It's energy and more... SO THAT YOU CAN EMBRACE 2018 with open arms. I know many of you have your words for 2018 but like I said there is so much more you can align to feel GOOD and ready for 2018!

What's in the 3 PART LIVE Training?

 * A Powerful Clearing: Get ready to clear out 2017 energy and more - can you say Bye Bye Bye feel lighter and re energized

 * Exercises & Powerful Alignment in LIFE & BUSINESS into 2018 in a practical and also an emotional, energetic, mental space for greater clarity , ease and flow

 *You get the replay and can redo the processes and go through it at your own pace... again, it will be housed in our online School!

 * PLUS GROUP Coaching AND * Psychic insights to help you pinpoint what may be in the way. & HELP YOU Align. *this is one of my specialties.

And so much more!

Do you have any questions? Contact ClientCare@mimiquick ASAP! We are here to help!