Let’s get aligned for our coaching call together.

Let’s get aligned for our coaching call together.

Hey there! This is Mimi Quick and I created this prep form for my clients so that it can:

  1. Help you stay aligned and focused.

  2. Keep on track with coaching, training, and specific goals that you expressed to me.

  3. Really get the full value of coaching into success and all the shifts you can get! Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. Energetically. Financially. ..and more!

If this all sounds good to you then do yourself a favor and don’t pass up this opportunity to get even more out of your coaching with me, Mimi Quick today.

You’ll see a shift as soon as you begin to write. Many clients share that the energy changes and they have aha moments JUST from this process so don’t miss out on doing this. (OHH and I made it mandatory for all of my private clients, WHY? Because I love you and just because you may not understand or know all of the benefits and shifts that come with this amazing process I do, therefore I want you to benefit and prosper.)

As your coach and mentor during this time I made this a mandatory process. Please make sure you fill this out 24 hours prior to your scheduled coaching call.

Have a blessed day filled with prosperous experiences!

Mimi Quick

Your Coach, Mentor, Teacher, and Guide.

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Let’s make things aligned and simple here!

Please fill out this client prep form 24 hours prior to your coaching call WITH MIMI QUICK


That way we can maximize our time and we can stay aligned and on purpose with your coaching program and coaching calls.

Ready to kick it up a notch? Let’s do this!

CLIENT PREP FORM *only for private 1-1 clients

Name *

If you have any questions please reach out to clientcare@mimiquick.com and my assistant Marie will be happy to help you!