Unlock Your Heart & Let Love in

Course Program Overview

 Love is a powerful vibration and the moment you start to flow from it, it creates magic in your life!

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Over the years I have seen women stop love from flowing to them unconsciously due to life events, experiences, the past, fears, doubt and more.  What that means is they do not know that they are doing this, it all done subconsciously. What that does is, it stops your flow.  It stops your good! You think you're keeping yourself safe because you don't want to experience that pain, struggle, or frustration again, but what you really are doing is LOCKING UP LOVE.

How do I know all of this? In 1994 I realized that because of some specific experiences in my life I CLOSED off myself to LOVE, it was only when I opened up to love again in a very special way that AMAZING things started to flow into my life.

.... The Cool thing was when I cleared up the old stuff, unlocked my heart, healed parts of me,  aligned back to REAL love  EVERYTHING opened up for me! 

I want to help free you too! So you can heal those parts that you're keeping closed up because of possible past fears and hurts ... And UNLOCK the beautiful Love that I know is already within you.

Together in this training course I will help you heal those parts of you so you could LET MORE LOVE IN. Sound good?  

 Do you know that if you keep love locked up then it is not flowing though you and you will start to block yourself from all kinds of GOOD things like success, money, your soulmate, great relationships, business, opportunities, prosperity, the next million dollar idea, and so much more!


Women tell themselves things all of the time unconsciously and those unconscious thoughts are the thoughts that make up your beliefs so we'll be looking at YOUR beliefs around LOVE and I will help you clear the debris, weeds, and old gunk so you can unlock your heart and let love in again.

This is a love course: that will open you up to the love that is here and heal some old stuff that's been hanging around for 5, 10, even 40 years. Like it has done for private clients. Ready to let love in?

Here's the truth after 20 years of working with thousands of people I have seen what blocks can do and I have seen what CLEARING those mental, emotional, vibrational, spiritual, energetic, and physical blocks can do! It's Magical

Take a look at what the course outline and join us:

Love is here and some blocks may be too, so if you have not fully dealt with them, the energy is still hanging around you and swimming in your space causing some issues. The way to make that stop is to end the cycle, this course helps you do that.



Module 1 & 2 Let's Get CLEar ABOUT LOVE 

PART 1 & 2 

This module is so big it has 2 parts to it which means we'll work through it in 2 weeks.

We're diving right into love,  taking a deep look at your love thoughts, behaviors, energy , and beliefs in this module. It's important to SEE what's really been going on with you up to this point. Get ready to see some things you weren't aware of! It happens all the time.

In part 2

We will build on this: Defining what's in the way and what we no longer need to hold onto. You'll go through a powerful process to help you clear out the old to allow in the new. You'll wash away any old gunk and debris through  a special process that I've create for you. You'll start to feel lighter and perhaps have already made A BIG shift in love by now.


Module 3 Healing Your HEART


In this module I will walk you through a special heart healing process that has my clients amazed after they experience the shifts with it.

All of My processes are experiential, you'll experience a shift as you're guided through this process that I have created so  that it can help you  open up space to allow more love in.

The healing will begin as the energy transfers I will explain more on how that happens.

You'll feel an energy shift in this module around love and start to feel LIGHTER around it. YAY!

Your heart space might need an extra love healing. You may have been pushing love away unconsciously and unknowingly but after this module your heart will be beating to happier and lighter energetic beat. Your assignment in this module 2 will prepare you for powerful Module 4



Module # 4 LOVE Journey

The journey of love continues.

We'll walk the road together and climb any mountains that needs climbing, I have a special process to walk you through step by step to help you travel this journey. You'll look into any crevices that need looking into, and make sure to fill in any pot holes, with new things, ok? This module is all THE LOVE JOURNEY now.

You'll peek into your LOVE journey and create a clear pathway to your heart so you'll have a compass and always know where your love meter is at,  as well as , the direction your love and energy is moving into... This is important if you're looking to stay on track.

This is the module that allows only the very best of you love to shine.



Are you ready to  experience the love flow in your life...?. in this mini course you'll get that and more as you work through 4  powerful shifting modules that I created for you to help you shift into a new perspective and energy around love.  This course is offered to you at the lowest price you'll ever see it at. $97 for self study OR  have lots of help for $297 the course, plus 3 group calls, to go through all of the goodness and experience a LOVE shift in your life now! Course access starts for everyone March 14th and all the info will be delivered to the email that you sign up with.

After March 14th this course will not be available for purchase, it will be added to the; QUICK VAULT. 

Option 1 Unlock Your Heart & Let Love In Course only $97 (Self Study) Click Here: bit.ly/SELFSTUDYLETLOVEIN

Option 2: Unlock Your Heart & Let Love In Course PLUS  4 group Q.A. calls & email support ($500 value) only $297 click here: http://bit.ly/FULLPROGRAM

 In the group calls you can come talk about your ahas, what shifts you had, and get any extra teaching,  help, or process work you may need from me to shift or heal any LOVE blocks . Having me by your side, holding your hand, walking you through any stuckness when you go through this transformation is priceless. I would love to help you. 

See you all in the course.

Much Love, Mimi Quick


Make the right decision for yourself! Feel free to email me with any questions at mimi@mimiquick.com and either my assistant or I will get back to you asap! 

There are no refunds for this course. The value and the support is all there. You must go through the modules, ask questions, and do the assignments. All of the people who have had results did this. I know that you can do it too! Plus I will be here for any extra help in the PLUS course program.