“VIP COACHING 2019- 2020”

Stepping up and Out

with Knowing your Value & Owning Your Worth

Let’s Shift Your Money Mindset


Align Your Business for the next 6 months or 12 months


Let’s take a deeper look into your goals and any stops along the way.

*Shifts start with the first call…

Let’s take a deeper look into what you really desire to create in your life and business YOUR specific situation, whatever it is: in mindset, business, money, sales, marketing, or any place you desire a clarity, a lift up, or are ready to clear out blocks right now.

If you are ready for high vibrational levels of coaching and insights to help you get clear, align, and shift your mindset and business then you are in the right place, keep reading!

This new opportunity to work with me 1-1 is a limited one we start with a NEW Deeper Look Call:

1. Quick Assessment with Mimi Quick: (based on your 2019- 2020 year goals) I share what I see in a quick assessment & what’s happening with you and your current situation based my assessment. Right on the call.

2. Quick Coaching with Mimi Quick: I will coach you to shift your mindset and energy right on the call so that your 2019 and 2020 year goals are aligned.

3. Quick Insights with Mimi Quick I will share what hidden blocks you may not know about and share them with you asap. We will be able to clear at least one right on the call.

4. Quick Action Steps with Mimi Quick: You’ll get actionable next steps in practical and energetic ways to move forward per your goals. (Inner and outer steps)

5. You’ll be able to use all of the money that you paid for this call into the next step of 1-1 VIP Coaching.

You can get started now click on the words here: I’M READY MIMI QUICK

We will close this offer August 15th & just note there are Limited Spaces available since you will be speaking with me, Mimi Quick and not one of of my coaches.

Deeper Look Call with Next Steps:

Click right on this text to purchase I’m Ready Mimi!

You will receive both inner process work and outer steps to help you with clarity and direction as well as look into what you’re ready to create in life and business.

We will schedule you in the calendar within 24 hours of payment received.

If you have any questions contact Client Care here: clientcare@mimiquick.com \

We’re here to help!

If you are a VIP client:

There have been many good successes in our business these past years and since it is another BIRTHDAY month I have made a decision to move forward in a specific way with my business this coming year.

One thing that I feel very strongly about is COMMITMENT:
I show up 1000% I expect the same of my clients.

This must match.

High level mentoring and coaching means you're stepping into a whole new level vibrationally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. If you want to stay at the same levels in the same space that you are in and not evolve into your next levels of GOOD then I ask that you don’t sign up for this.

If you are one of our VIP clients please note that spaces are now filled and just telling me you want in or would like to, or because we coached together last year does not guarantee you a 1-1 coaching spot with me. The only way you will be offered a coaching spot with me is if you go to this link, click on it and pay for the generous assessment and session you will receive around your 2019 - 2020 year.

I have appointments and are scheduled for calls all the way into Wednesday of next week and if you do want to STEP INTO 2019-2020 HIGH END Private coaching with me we need to have your answers, simply reply to the previous email to schedule you in our calendar and secure your spot with the $500 Next Best Steps Call which is worth this value and more!

You’ll be able to apply the $500 Deeper Look Next Steps Call Application fee for the Stepping Up And Out with Value and Owning Your Worth VIP Coaching. 1. If you are accepted to Private Coaching with me, Mimi Quick 2. You are ready to lift yourself up into these new levels.

You can already feel how powerful this call will be.

Women have shared with me that just by sharing this opportunity with them it has upleveled their energy, mindset, and money levels 10Xs. You better believe it’s worth it.

I hope I see you step up into owning your value & worth VIP 1-1 Coaching.

I just want to remind you of this… you are not just getting a newbie coach with no experience. I have coached women and companies to millions of dollars in corporate and in their own businesses.

I started in 1990s.

I personally have had success in all areas of my life and business with my teachings and trainings and those same teachings and trainings have given our clients results too!

I have and my clients have:

Attracted the clients, the job, and created prosperous businesses.

This is not some stupid sales call this is a real life shifting POWERFUL call that will change your life forever.

It’s not just mindet

It’s not just energy

It’s not just psychic insights

It’s not just coaching.


I know what I provide and if you have ever had the pleasure to coach with me you know the results that you have had. Just from being in my teachings people made $1000 and more, clients started to pay them, they lifted up into a whole new energy, way of thinking, level.. but where are they now?

If they did not keep that mindset up they are either at the same level I had last seen them with OR ??

Why? Because you are meant to evolve and grow and most people don’t know this so they think ahh yay, I got results now they feel a bit of relief but can they really uphold that for how long?


Clients results come in all shapes and sizes from clearing 30, 40 years of hard energy, limiting beliefs and more.

In business attracting clients, making millions of dollars,offering their services and programs for top prices and being seen as an expert in their field.


They come fast many within the session others within 24 hours. This is not some game to me nor do I want to be seen as a THE GURU To the masses it is who I am. I don’t follow others. I have been successful because I use my gifts to help me and others asked me to help them so I opened up my business to help people. I don’t have affiliates who mail for me or pump out cookie cutter emails. That’s not me.

I am the one who will be left standing when all of the trends and all of the wild get rich quick schemes fall apart. I don’t beg for business. People are naturally attracted to me. I speak the truth if I can help you I will tell you if I can’t then I will tell you that too!

I DO NOT just give you a reading with no meaning for no reason.

I use my gifts to help elevate you in life and business.

I help you shift your energy and mindset to ALIGN to your desired goals NOT MINE, YOURS!

I am a pro, an expert, and darn good at what I do. I will never deny that.

You have an opportunity now to work with me, will you take it.

Will you say yes?

Let’s talk!


Sales Coaching You’ll get an assessment immediately on your first call to discuss where you are with sales. Are you a pro that needs extra insight or advanced training. Are you a new coach or professional who needs to align into prosperous mindset? Are you afraid of sales and ready to step into authentic sales that don’t feel salesy but are aligned to you? Then you’ll want to click and purchase this option to get started to step into aligned sales now. There are many moving parts from an anatomy of a sales conversation to sales offers to sales language, objections,and more. First we will start with an assessment to see exactly where you are then we’ll move into coaching right on the call which consists of practical steps and inner process work.

Money Mindset Coaching & Money Block Clearing: You’ll get an assessment + coaching on this call with Mimi Quick. We’ll take a good look at your current mindset, what you are stuck on, your goals, and go through a process to shift your money mindset into alignment to your desired money goals. You can choose what is the most pressing mindset issue or goal that you have at this time and we can work on that or you have the choice of going with Mimi Quick’s suggestion to clear out your #1 block on this call. It’s up to you and you can discuss this right on the call during your session.

Business Alignment Coaching: You’ll get an assessment during the first call. It includes a business assessment with Mimi Quick + Coaching on your business where she’s spots mis-alignments and helps you reverse them and align with practical and inner process work customized just for you on the call. (could be in courses, offers, mindset, systems, platforms, message, client attraction methods, coaching practices, branding, or..?)

Spiritual Gifts Alignment and Intuition

You’ll receive an assessment + coaching call around your spiritual gifts. You can be an expert who works in this field or you may have new gifts coming in and don’t know what to do. Wherever you are in your spiritual gifts or have questions about they can be looked at and coached in this private call with Mimi Quick. You will go through inner process work and practical steps to assist you on your specific situation.

OR I can design your specific customized call on your specific situation if it does not fall into any of what I shared above.

If you are ready to continue into either a private program with Mimi Quick or a group program you’ll have 7 days to do so and apply the FULL $500 Payment into into a larger program, private or group.

Are you ready? I’d love to help you shift!