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Empowering You

Private Coaching

Hi there if you're here on this page. You're getting a sweet surprise invite to take the next step. Look into your relationship with Money, your money story, or receive psychic coaching around this area of your life right now. Perhaps you have a block or a goal you're ready to achieve. We'll connect on this call to look at it.

We've probably had a quick talk about what's going on your life, career, and or business journey and I have determined that this is next best step for you based on the specifics of your situation.

After this call you'll receive an email with my recommendations and next steps.


Empowering YOU ~ Private 1-1 coaching call 


If you're ready to have mindset shifts, clear out money blocks, and look at how you can create more positive change around your relationship with money in life and business this is an ideal step for you.

This Empowering You Session is completely customized to YOU. Mimi Quick has developed a proprietary coaching process to help her clients in the area of money both in life and business now for over 10 years.

She's facilitated over 22,000 coaching sessions with clients reporting positive results in real estate, law, healing fields, coaching industry, and many other professions.

Mimi Quick has written 2 best selling books about her own prosperous experiences and her clients shifts, breakthroughs, and positive results. If there is a stuck point within you I will locate it and we'll take the steps to clear it right on the call. From there you'll have aligned action steps to follow. You'll either go through a powerful process or inner exercise (this is based on what you need) to help you shift into a more prosperous state in these areas * Money * Mindset *Energy You'll have a step by step action plan to follow for the week

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*One thing to note. These sessions are powerful but we want you to know that we recommend the package for long term results as once you get started with coaching you may want to continue and there's more to look at, heal, and grow into.


This is a one time special offer and will disappear in just a few days.